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Man, I have got to have a word with the guy who works on my car.... (I am occasionally an idiot. Only on days ending with "y".)

I utterly failed to tighten a hose clamp last time. Still doesn't fix the leak in the turbo area, but adding MORE leaks isn't helping! Tightened it down, reset the ECU (since I put in the new sensor I figured I might as well), drove for ~50 miles so far. I now have boost consistently across the entire gamut of engine conditions, even at 80mph I have some extra power. Still only about 75% of what I had when it was new, but it's definitely better!

New hose elbow should be here today and we'll see if that makes any difference.

Also, I am smelling gas occasionally, but I can't find any leaks anywhere. I'm quite alarmed about this, since the last time a car did this to me it burst into flames. I'm thinking the FPR leaking internally, the new fuel filter is dry as a bone and I don't see or feel any dampness anywhere on the motor. Probably not helping the situation.

Man my car is a basket case. I sure know how to pick 'em.
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