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Oh it gets better. I put the new 45 degree elbow in and 1) the intake pipes are now pointed nicely at each other instead of being coerced into fitting 2) there's a noticeable improvement on the boost front! For once I was right!

But that didn't stop me from leaving one of the clamps on the CBV untightened, and so my joy was short lived as it removed itself from the intake plumbing with a surprisingly loud PSSSHHT. I think I might be too stupid to own a car.

Nothing's damaged but my already flattened ego, though, and the car is quite close to the speed where I bought it. I think it might be a little quicker today because of the sudden temperature drop as well, but I did a decent length run and still had full boost when it was warmed up.

So it looks like the original major problem was a leaky/ruptured wastegate actuator, compounded by a poorly plumbed CBV, then made even worse with a bad fuel filter which then ruined the plugs, made slightly worse with a marginal ECT, and made impossible to diagnose by my attempts to fix boost leaks which really just added even more leaks.

Kids, this is why we do stage 0 before we go fast, mmkay?
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