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There's a gif for that.
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Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Seattle, WA

Adrian's 1978 Volvo 245

  • Engine: Volvo B234
  • Intake: B204GT
  • Turbocharger: Holset HX35
  • Wastegate: Knockoff HKS 55mm
  • EMS: Megasquirt
  • Suspension: Homemade coilovers, heim jointed torque rods, Kalphenke camber plates, poly bushings
  • Other crap: HIDs, Recaro, Skinny bumpers, R-sport gauges
What the heck have I been doing with this pile for the last 10 years?
- It was dead in my parents' back yard, and I was just about to turn 16, so I cleaned it up, fixed it up, and drove it as my high school hoopt.
- I added a ghetto stereo, got a Maaco special pay 'n spray, and proceeded to break the M46 with N/A powah!
- Also I swapped on vented brakes & a grille from a turbo & snagged some Virgos.

- I went to college, and had the first Bellingham Turbobricks meet. God it was slow.
- At some point around this time my heater core blew out, and I replaced it in the dorm parking lot.
- The K-jets also blew up, so The Aspirator, 945ti and I megasquirted it in the snow.
- I put on an e-fan and a Blaster coil around this time.
- Water pump blew, so again, swap in the dorm parking lot.

- Put on some skinny bumpers.
- Went on PNW meet 1.0 up to Kamloops. Booyah.
- I got some 400-series sidemarker lights.
- I built some heim jointed torque rods and put in poly bushings everywhere.
- In went some 275lb stock car products rear springs.
- I got a smoking deal on a B234, so I swapped it in.
- Rust was discovered, so I went to town on it.
- I built coilovers, and put them on.
- I hid a 10" in the spare tire well.

- I started a company.

- I put on a HX35.

- I got a Recaro, stripped the interior, upped the boost, and am still learning how to tune it. I've been playing around with spring and swaybar rates too - it's getting pretty quick around corners, but I'm still fighting some slow spool issues that I should be able to tune out once I've got some time to tinker.

Here's a couple of videos - you can find more on my YouTube account!

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