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Default Got myself a turbo!

So, at last. Been a member since june 2005 with an N/A 240, so it's long overdue.

Been moving a around a bit, and with a dog and the future ahead, I wanted a wagon. And then we found a 2005 V70, which I almost instantly fell in love with. Only rolled 148k kilometers, one owner.
It had a trailerhitch which we wanted, and it was automatic - which was the what we wanted. Perfect!
It's a 2.0T with 180hp, so it does go quite fast.
Furthermore, it came with Cruise control, DSTC, the HU-650 sound system, which is decent enough for us, part leather interior which was dark (thank god), Aluminum inserts, .. and more stuff I can't remember. Oh, and the color isn't gray or beige, it's "Ashgold pearl", colorcode 446. Lovely color.

Had it for two weeks now, driven about 1000 km and it's like a little piece of heaven.

The 240 has been parked in the garage, awaiting some teardown and build up again. Some details missing in the front part. It will be 30 years next year, which makes it a "veteran" here in Norway, which means almost no road-tax. And cheaper insurance. Win!

Enough talk, pictures!

'66 Volvo Amazon / P130
'83 Volvo 240
'05 Volvo V70 2.0T

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V70s models of that style are gorgeous.
Happy Passover!

Great Victory!
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Nice ride! Glad to see a thread not surrounding how crappy somebody's hood ride is for a change.

Those wheels actually look really nice with your car. Keep them!
1993 245 + B230FT
2007 Bandit 1250
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