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Default From with MDF and a 242.

So this idea started with to many overhaulin episodes watched. I planned on making the higher point of the trunk a flat piece of mdf with some black carpet. I had a total turbobricked sub box that worked but was less than a cubic foot of air space with a 12" sub. The plan was to make this back plane and have the sub mounted but conceal the amp and move my remote battery behind this new plane/sub box. Heres some pics of the process. If theres an interest in the planes or subs I might do a small run of them. They are slightly time consuming but I could do a few if the interest is there. I will also make a similar setup for the rear deck lid. I will use thinner mdf and glue it together for strength and to absorb any vibration. Heres some pics.

I used some tool box liner from harbor freight for sound deadening material. Then some 3m spray adhesive.

Cardboard template for mdf cut out.

Sub hole cut out and carpet cut and gluing.

Mounted the sub to see how it looks in place.
One major alteration was the opening is about the height of the sub. So i cut the bottom lip off the sub to avoid contact on the lower part of the deck.

Building the rear portion of the box to seal the sub for a good thump.
This is just figuring the depth of the sub and building around to give the most air volume to seal, the more air the better.

One first mistake was gluing the carpet to early, Ill wait until i get everything screwed down next time.

Mounting my fav amp. Sorting the wires in direction to relation to there connection.

Finished product. I will get a pic of it in place tomorrow once i make the upper deck piece which will move the speakers up, currently they are in the way.

Thanks for checkin this out.

Title should have been "Fun with Mdf"
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Lookin good! I had a similar idea a few years ago from watching too much Unique Whips haha My attachment of the front panel wasn't ideal so it always fell off. It was a fun project though

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Old 04-13-2012, 05:16 PM   #3
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What are the internal dimensions of that box? Looks pretty big for that sub.

Also keep in mind that firing it rear from a sealed box is going to be a lot quieter that firing it forward or up with proper venting into the passenger compartment.
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Old 04-14-2012, 02:36 AM   #4
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The sound quality of the bass is night and day to what it was before, the original box i had the sub in was maybe a cubic ft. This box might be around 4 to 5 cubic ft. Its very clear deep base, lots of rattles to hunt down but mostly only heard from outside. There seems to be enough air flow from the trunk to the cab to keep a good beat as well.

This is the sub fully built and pushed into place.

I worked on getting the top deck piece getting it cut and glued today.

Stripped and cleaned area to start sound deadening and fitment for deck piece.

single mdf cut for template for plywood. both are pretty thin but are glued for strength.

Using the old deck piece for speaker placement.

5" hole saw makes quick work for this part. Both pieces are covered with spray adhesive and monster glue ,weighted down with a couple 2x6. An accidental part happened with the gluing , I placed the two glued piece on a bowed surface which gave it a nice curve to match up to the window.

More pics to come with the deck lid placed and all speakered up.
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Old 04-15-2012, 02:21 AM   #5
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Finished her up today. Went a unique direction with how to hold it snug to the rear window. the metal plate with the rubber flaps i flipped and bent the flange out to support the bottom of the deck lid. I lined the top with tool box liner as well.

To conceal the white body on the back i cut a section of carpet and and spray adhesive to the rear just under the window, completely black and hides all white paint.

Final test fit and mounting in prior to throwing the seat back in. I made it so I still have access to the amp to adjust the values as well.

Some fine tuning and it sounds great, limited alot of rattles. Got a good hit and nice clear voice. 2 days worth of work and about 150 in materials.
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You did a phenomenal job on this. Hope you don't mind if I copy it
- Will Z
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Old 04-16-2012, 12:20 AM   #7
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Not at all. I saved the templates so if someone wanted to save time i can get some card stock and mail it out. Its pretty easy making the cardboard template, just adding to the edge to fill the edges to what ever looks good. Thanks for checking it out.
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