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Default Starting problems in warm weather

I recently picked up a 1988 Volvo 245 with the 5 speed manual transmission for $600 and being an older car it has some issues. One that the previous owner told me about was that on warm days it doesn't want to start right away and today I experienced that issue. It's only about 70F outside, but that is warm weather where I live and since summer is starting I'm bound to run into this issue more often so I'm hoping that someone else has experienced this before.

Essentially, the car turns over but the engine doesn't start. Sometimes it'll seem like it's going to start but the idle is really rough and then the car dies. Once you try again and leave the keys turned all the way for a good 20 seconds, it starts up with a strong idle and the engine is rather loud for a period of about 10 seconds before idle goes back to normal.

Items that I've replaced: Spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor

Items that were replaced recently by the previous owner: Alternator, starter

I've also experienced this issue during my first weeks of learning to drive the car when I stalled it would sometimes not want to start right back up, doing the same exact thing as described above.
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Originally Posted by vlvman View Post
Awesome, thanks! Looks like I have some tests to run tomorrow.
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