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Sam b
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Default The correct drift 240

Ok guys, I recently bought a manual NA Ď88 244. The plan is to be a drift/weekend fun car.

The good. It came with a good amount of suspension stuff already done! It has front Coilovers, quick steer roll connectors, and boxed lower control arms and trailing arms. It also came with a whole truckload of parts. Including
Stripped 16v head
Oil pan
Pistons and rods
Miscellaneous trim
16v timing cover
Misc lines
Water pump
Misc cooling
Coilover parts
More trim
Tail lights
Hub adapters
Intercooler piping
16v valve train
New valve springs
Motor mount
LH2.4 harness
More coolant lines
Oil pan
16v cams
Log manifold
Small turbo
Intercooler brackets
16v intake manifold complete
2 new intake valves (16v)
RSI 8v spring kit (sold)
RSI 8v ARP head studs (sold)
8v head
Tubular manifold
Holset turbo (clone?)

The bad it has been stripped of all AC Components (for now Iím fine with that) and no power steering.

current short term plan is to get functional power steering, which I am using a modern Volvo electric PS pump, weld the diff and have some fun. Long term plan is a T5 swap, MegaSquirt, modest +t, and then building a 16v motor to drop into it.
So anyways Iíll update this thread with pics and info as I do things.
1991 Regina 745. Dead.
1993 945 dead
1988 244
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Old 10-06-2019, 10:21 AM   #2
Sam b
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Join Date: Dec 2016
Location: Fort wort

Having trouble with posting images on mobile. So here’s a google photos album. https://photos.app.goo.gl/x1h4qr1FvAM9uTSm6
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