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Old 09-18-2019, 04:20 PM   #1
Dumber than I look.
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: New Zealand
Default SEslayer's 242gt.

So i had recently "finnished" my 945t cd009 swap, when a 242gt thats being turned to a 240t replica turns up on trademe. (Ebay in NZ) it was the right price ($7000NZD) and fully road legal with a spare running manual lhd 245 wagon with spare turbo motor and 3 spare gearboxes in the boot.
I was thinking of keeping the GT factory or continuing the 240t transition.
In New Zealand we never got any 242s other than the small number of gt's.
I like the 240t front end (i hate the fogs in the grill on the gt)
I am pretty keen on ripping the CD out of my 945 and jamming it into the GT and then working towards a 16vt build.
First purchase will be coilovers however, and i wont be cheaping out on BC's. This car will have the best of everything, i spent probably 500 hours working on that 945 in 18 months. But this is the dream
I pick it up today.
I am a tad excited.

To do.
Swap gbox in 945 (lets pray i dont need to spend another 1k on driveshafts)
Sell 945.
Fix GtiR, maybe sell?
Spend life savings on 242GT
1992 945 Turbo CD009
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Dumber than I look.
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: New Zealand

I have been driving the car for a coming up a month now. It actually handles amazing well stock, i am yet to get under or over steer, however i have a latent fear of writing it off so i am being a tad more cautious than usual.
My 9 is still in the shop (blasphemous i know) first time i have ever let someone else work on my car, but i am recovering from a badly dislocated collarbone (praise free healthcare) turnsout my clutch slave that had no circlip holding it in took him 5 hours to remove, not surprised considering it was holding a 500ftlb clutch. But with a rebuilt slave and master its ready to be reverted to stock and get put up for sale.

I have interim plans for the GT, while i save for the expensive 16vt parts. I plan to chuck the running 16v engine into the gt and run it on bike carbs. Whether or not i run the cd009 upfront or not i am unsure.
I just bought full R brakes, they popped up on facebook for 400usd. (These cost 1300usd locally and have seen one set for sale in 7 years)
I wont put them on yet as New Zealand has a safty inspections which are extremely strict
Any modification to steering or brake system needs to be certified and any cutting and welding to factory mounting. (Also anything over 20% power gain but thats kinda hard to prove.
I will just drive the tired b23 for now.
Rebuild my gtir engine
And hopefully be ordering coilovers the other side of christmas.
By then i should have the bike carb thing ready ish. Thoughts were it would be 180ish hp and enough for a fun, peppy (with the yoshi 228 flywheel) daily!
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Keep it clean...
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Sounds like you have some major plans. Post some pictures when you can.
1980 242
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