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Default 1967 220 - "Do you want another Amazon?"

Earlier this year I was driving my 66 122 right after installing my SUs. I pulled over because they weren't adjusted correctly. Just a random stop next to the highway, about 12 miles from my house, driven by it 100s of times.
As I am leaving a middle aged man pulls over and asks me
"Do you want another Amazon?"
umm yes what do you got?
"I got two I want to get rid of, just down the road from here."

exchanged phone numbers and few weeks later I came home with a 1963 sedan and 1967 wagon, both M41 cars. Wagon has a late model B20, ipd bars, NO RUST, smooth roof, few other NOS stuff not installed yet

63 was in terrible condition, rust everywhere and it was used a "rally farm car for few years"
67 previous owner bought it Washington, drove it up and down California, one day as he was crossing a bridge his right front tire blew....


B18 from the 67 was now in the sedan

how I first saw it - looks great - wait

got her home on my birthday


start of disassembly

driver side is damaged - Lower CA bent and almost punctured the pan. Wheel is pushed back pretty far. It will all have to come out

you can see how much pushed back it is. Luckily the damage stops at the firewall

stored it like this for few months

repaired the rear bumper and did SOME dent repair

**********instert picture of repaired bumper and painted side *************

few days ago

**********insert picture of bent up engine cross member, replaced door, donor front end *******
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Originally Posted by BritishBrick
Don’t bother, I would literally rather throw them away than give you the pleasure. I will never sell to you.

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matt b
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Man, that must have been a scary experience for the owner when that tire blew. The blue 65 2 door I had in KY had a bent cross member, I found a metal fab shop to straighten it and was able to push the frame rails back into position when re-installing it. I'm thinking yours is FUBAR.

Are you crushing the 63 ?
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Nice find. I've wanted a wagon for years but none have followed me home...yet.
- Craig

1966 Canadian (B5234T, C4 up front, Supra out back and a nut in the middle) http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=328003
1981 242 (B230FT, LH 2.4...and a few other things)

YouTube channel covering Canadian build https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsx...n3CiBQFd4rMyXw
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That's kind of how I got my PV. I was driving my beat and rusted to hell 1800E to work and someone saw it and asked if I liked old Volvo's, he had one in his back yard he was thinking about getting rid of. So I went to look at it, and $700 later I had a derelict PV.
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The transmissions and that front nose piece was worth it alone. Some good scores there! It's hard to say no to stuff like that, especially if you have the space. I'm trying not to become one of those guys but I can see it pretty easy to go down that path.

1966 Volvo Amazon, 1968 Volvo Amazon Combi, 2004 VW R32 Golf
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