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volvere was last active 11-13-2014

what happened to his ride?
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Here is a post from vrcf.fi:

Valitettavasti auto on seissyt vain keräämässä pölyä tallissa sillä aikaa kun omistaja yrittää keräillä edes jotain motivaation rippeitä. :-[

En tiedä milloin koittaa se päivä kun tälle taas jaksaa tehdä mitään? Jos jotakuta kiinnostaa ostaa projekti pois niin ottakoon yhteyttä, saataan joskus tehdä myynti-ilmoituksenkin, tai sitten en jaksa sitäkään...
And a poor translation:

"Unfortunately this has only been collecting dust in garage while I have been trying to gather motivation.

I dont know when that day comes when I will work on it again? If someone is interested buying it let me know, I might do a sales ad or I wont even bother to do that..."

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Default Still for sale?

Hello everyone

I am kinda new here, and just made an account.
I own an amazon combi with a balanced B20 with double SU HS6, but more about this later.

I really want to know if the 262 is for sale or something. Also with the Dutch rules this would be a great car!
So if it is possible to buy this car i might be interested! Can someone bring me in contact wil Volvere? I have searched his website, but without results!
I would also like to visit Finland very bad, maybe next year so if you guys can help me this would be great, and maybe i can combine buying a new car, and have a great ride back!


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Originally Posted by volvere View Post
I think the actual undercoating was quite the same as in the other 240's? I think the problem was more with the rust proofing on the other parts of these cars?
In the end of the 70's Volvo had serious rust issues with all their models.
AMEN---my 780 is rust free though!!!!
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Default Anyone know what happened to this car?

Originally Posted by nibroc View Post
AMEN---my 780 is rust free though!!!!
Just wondering if anyone knows the continued story on this car?
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