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Hey Shiny!!
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Default 1992 Volvo 740 turbo aka Project Basketcase

You guys will have to forgive me, I'm not great at telling stories so this is kind of a short history of what has happened with this car.

Current up to date modification list:
OG RSI Stage 2 Cam, this basically is the stage 3 cam from RSI
K24 Turbocharger reclocked for RWD use
660cc Ford injectors with EV adapters and injector hat adapters
3" Intercooler Piping
Knock-off HKS SSQV BOV
E-Fan conversion
Thelostartof EZK/ECU Chips for ethanol tune
Innovate LC-2 Wideband setup
Full 3" Turboback exhaust with magnaflow mufflers and performance cat
Provent 200 Oil seperator, plumbed but also draining into a gatorade bottle for now
Electric Pusher fan wired up to fire when the a/c turns on
Eibach lowering springs in the rear Cut springs in the front
20 gallon gas tank
940 Gauge Cluster

Maintenance Stuff:
New Oil Cooler, switched to water cooled oil cooler
New Alternator
New Starter
New Ignition Switch
New LH 2.4 Harness
Heater Core
New Evaporator
New Condenser
New Accumulator
New Orifice tube
New Bushings for all Accessory Items
Stock Exhaust
Eibach Springs in the rear
****ty Rattle Can paint job on the hatch
Replace Rear and front suspension (To Do all parts aquired)
Replace cut springs (To Do)

Future Plans
CD009 Install
More boost
Ported head
Custom intake and exhaust

So I figured after almost 3 years of ownership its time to post this slow build that has been slowly building up into something worth posting. I traded this 740 for my old 850 as I needed something simple and a bit more reliable(I know I know ) and I wanted rwd. This seemed at the time to fit the bill and was straight and clean mostly...

Original Setup:
660cc ford racing injectors
Custom IC Pipe made by JAO
E-Fan Pusher for a/c
Vac Pump for climate bellows
M46 Swapped

The first couple of post are around the time that I decided to go ahead go through with the trade so some of the photos are from the PO.

Exterior photos

Made a trip over to thelostartof's place and had the stock exhaust added back on since it just dumped out of the downpipe since the old exhaust fell off, sounded like poop at that point but after the new exhaust was on it was much better.

This was the MS1v3 setup and all its wiring glory, I stepped on it a few times and got annoyed chasing down the wires I unplugged so I decided I would need to fix that eventually.

Interior pictures

Now in order to use the electronic 5th gear the switch was wired into the seat heater switch since no seat heaters where installed. This is fine because I was planning on swapping out the m46 anyways after reading multiple threads about them not holding up to real power.

Back to the interior pictures.

So I decided hey thats not so bad it needs to be cleaned up but my 850 isn't in the worlds best condition so lets do this. So the PO drove it to me and got ready to drive off with my car. Looked it over and everything seemed good so I went and got it washed and pulled the Hydra's off. I really don't like them so I sold them to someone on facebook.

Driving home and hearing a loud grinding and suddenly I can only go 10mph...


So about 2-3 weeks into ownership M46 blew up but didn't know it yet. Because I figured it was a clutch or pressure plate since he said those where in bad need of replacement. I'll try and dig up the photos of the transmission carnage. Sold off the overdrive to someone local so they could get themselves back on the road. Ended up searching for a while to find a m46, found a local option but it was trashed after some searching I found one on the tb forums that fit the bill of being affordable after shipping. At this point it was time to get it up in the air and get some eyes on what was going on with it exactly.

Pulled the transmission and got some video and pictures of the carnage, for some reason I can't find the video so pictures of the carnage will have to suffice. When rotating the assembly it was very apparent that this m46 was not useable. The bits of gears that I shook out initially was maybe 1/4 of what came out once I took it apart to sell the overdrive to someone.

Overdrive out and ready to help someone else get their volvo on the road.

Ordered a clutch and pressure plate kit online and while waiting I decided to do a couple of things. First task was to get rid of the rats nest of wires that was sitting in the foot well. I thought this worked rather well, no visible wires and the MS1 box sat in the glovebox. I decided to make a box to hide all the wires that just went all over the place.

Years of AZ sun had destroyed these seats till nothing was left and the foam was crusty so I started scouring junkyards for proper seats and found a v90, got the DS seat out but had to come back with a battery for the other seat. They ended up crushing it that day so no PS seat for me :(

After some back and forth with a few different things I got it back on the road and driving. At this point it still had an issue where it would sometimes not start after running for more then 10 minutes. I did find out that I could push start and it would drive, this worked ok for the most part but really sucked in the summertime.

Then I decided maybe I should put in a t5 if its going to put down power because my goals where to keep up with some of the other faster volvo's here and my other friends who ran much faster newer cars.

Just kidding hope its new owner will use it, before I got the chance to install it fully (it sat for a long time all put together) DeeWorks announced that he was going to make a CD009 adapter, and yoshifab also announced they were doing a driveshaft adapter so the only thing I needed to figure out was the shifter. After reading about the power a stock unmodified CD009 could handle it was a no brainer to make the switch.

Drove it like this for a bit but still having issues with no start while warm but it hauled things when left running just fine.

Got a set of ecodes locally that needed some work, honestly I might just order a new set and use these to experiment with. Wired them in but did not have the adjustment options as the gears were kinda destroyed, if I can find a set that I can scavenge the gears from or just move the hardware to I might do that. Light spread is meh because its not pointed right but it looks alright.

We(TLAO) ended up switching it back to LH 2.4 with some thelostartof chips for EZK and the ECU on a "what if" kinda thing and all the issues with no start, hard start went away pretty instantly. Setup my wideband to feed a narrowband signal to LH and that was that.

For Christmas of 2017 I got a wash and wax kit so what did I do? I Washed and waxed that thing up and drove it some more. At this point I was really loving the car it was running great, no cold start issues and I just put more and more miles on it.

After driving home from my sister in laws I heard a dragging noise.... stopped and found this yay the remote oil cooler was leaking badly so that had to go.

I ended up just removing the whole remote oil cooler setup and swapped to the stock oil cooler setup which used coolant. This also freed up a TON of space in the engine bay. Again I just kinda drove the car around like this collecting parts to eventually upgrade the car.

About 7 months ago I started having issues where the coolant would get over pressurized so I performed a exhaust gas test in my coolant and sure enough it was there. Originally I was going to just do a head gasket on it eventually but things got super busy at home. So I took the 740 over to thelostartof to have him do some work on it. This ended up turning into doing some upgrades and the 16t and t cam got swapped out along with the stock exhaust in favor of the full 3" exhaust.

I'll post more later but that's where I am at with this, a lot of the heavy lifting was done with the awesome help of thelostartof. I may be forgetting some things but I'll update this post later with more showing how I got to where I am now.
1992 Volvo 745 Turbo - dd status
1994 Volvo 855 Turbo - Sold
1981 Volvo 245 Turbo - Sold

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Hey Shiny!!
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Prior to pulling the headgasket thelostart of wanted to make sure that the exhaust fit just right along with some of the custom work that needed to be done to get the k24 to fit on the redblock.

Adding in feed and drain lines for oil into the turbo.

Wastegate actuator mounted.

Seems like all manifolds are cracked to some point, this one wasn't that badly cracked, some easy welds fixed that up.

Also needed to grind a few spots on the manifold for clearance.

Grinding down the manifold for the studs to fit.

Mounting the turbo on the manifold after all the grinding and it fits great.

Tightened up and ready to go on the engine

Old exhaust still connected but the k24 is hooked up, at this point the size of the exhaust side of the turbo was comical compared to the stock exhaust.

Getting the new downpipe to fit all tacked up

Welding up the new downpipe along with the adapter to fit the exhaust to the turbo.

Welded and all fitting nice

So, I mentioned that I was having issues with the coolant overflowing out of the overflow. Well I performed a test on the coolant to see if there where exhaust gases in the coolant and sure enough it was positive.

Had thelostartof do the work because my schedule was a bit heavy with the holiday's. Once he got it pulled apart he found that the hg was failing between cylinder's 2-3. A Quick replacement of that got it all back together.

Cracked open and head off the car and looked like oil changes where not done on a regular basis at some point in this engines life. I am a bit rediculous about it and change every 3k miles or 3 months so that could of made it last longer.

Mocking up the new bung for the wideband since I'm just using that to see what my afr's are at. using the narrowband for lh so that I don't have to worry about anything failing.

Block all cleaned up and ready for the new gasket.

Shimming the early model RSI stage 2 cam shimmed up

Getting it all back together with my knockoff HKS all in place, you can see my watercooled oil cooler in the background of the first picture.

Charge pipe and intake all hooked up, it sits super nice.

Buttoned up and ready to go, again thelostartof did some amazing work on this. Right now I'm gonna wait for LH to finish tuning ethanol which i'm halfway to and then its just 500 more miles after that for it to learn the cam there abouts. Cleaned up the engine bay a little bit for the picture but there is a IG filter on it so its a bit more red then it usually shows up in pictures.

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Hey Shiny!!
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Also making some changes to my shoes, found a set of Propus C's for a price I couldn't ignore. Just gotta get some 25mm spacers for the front and 35mm spacers for the rear. Gonna need to do a bit more refinishing on them and replace the barrel on the 5th wheel since it was cracked.

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Awesome! I just picked up a '90 745T in the same color. I need your rear lower tan leather seat! Mine is missing.
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Hey Shiny!!
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I usually have parts for things laying around if your local in arizona I might have some stuff available.
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Old Iron
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Just picked up a 1994 945T.... such an upgrade from slow 240’s!
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Hey Shiny!!
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it all depends on how you build em although I like the extra space of a 7/9
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Old Iron
I Roll
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Love this car. The exodus look great. How much does a set of them run typically?
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Hey Shiny!!
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The propus? When I have seen them they go anywhere from 300-700 depending on the condition
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