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Originally Posted by To old for this View Post
Previously did the ground pins mod for enchanced timing. Is there any improvement if a chipped unit is used. My system is a 2.4 na. What is the best one for chipping.
Grounding advances it the exact same amount throughout the entire rev range IIRC, the chips will probably have a varying timing map adding as much safe advance as possible, and pulling it where need be.

Someone else who knows what they’re talking about will have to chime in though because i may be wrong.
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Once you have a chippable EZK you can put any EZK chip in it, 219 or 207 or 209 or whatever, turbo or non turbo it will work. IF you want custom EZK ignition tune then most important is the EZK tune turbo or non turbo.. WHo you gonna get your better ignition EZK tuned chip from??? Ha..
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