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Default Volvo T5 swap anti swaybar

For my Volvo 760 T5 (formerly v6) I am looking for a thick anti sway bar for the front. A 740/940 fits absolutely not, I need the low v6 bar from the photo. If you have another thicker anti sway bar that's. of course, also good. With thicker I mean > 23 mm. Are new not for sale anymore and I don't want to stick with the stock v6 swaybar...

Are there any other options what swaybar will fit on the front? Maybe one from whiteline or an other brand?

I already searched a lot for an anti swaybar but still didn't found one :(
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You need the 7/9 series 25mm "drop bar" for V8 & Whiteblock installs. NLA from IPD, but they have been on here for sale (rarely however) over recent years. Suggest you post in WANTED, as this will take awhile!

Another seller here STS Machine has been selling 2 series drop bars in the FS section, but I've not seen them offer a 7/9 series bar.
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You could also double up on the stock 760 bar. Its a little ghetto, but it will be easier to find.
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Old 05-29-2017, 11:01 AM   #4
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I'm running a 24mm front bar from a 1992 960 on my 88 765 with B230FT. The 960 was whiteblock. The swap required the 960 mounting brackets. The brackets lower the bar 2-3 inches.
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I have a 960 swaybar with all the required hardware. However I would not be able to ship it. Maybe you can ask HiSPL if he could because I live 30 mile from College Station,Tx.
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Old 06-12-2017, 11:38 AM   #6
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A 960 bar won't fit. Had one myself but it don't have the "drop". A 960 bar with redbrick will fit, but with an T5 engine it won't.
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