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Default Clutch cable adjustment

I recently replaced the clutch cable in my 82 242 GLT with M46 transmission. I adjusted the cable so the play in the pedal was about an inch. It seemed about right. However, the clutch was slipping at about 3k rpms, as the turbo kicked in. The rpms shoot up without much additional acceleration. I turned the clutch cable adjusting nut clockwise about 10 times. I thought that would increase the play in he pedal and decrease the clutch slippage. But instead I got more play in the pedal and also more slippage. Now it slips around 2500 rpms. Everything I’ve read said tightening the nut should reduce clutch slippage. Am I missing something? Thanks.
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If there was free play at clutch fork, then replacing clutch and plate will resolve your issue.
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Put the car up on ramps and check the free play at the release arm. That should be about 2 to 4mm. Don't go by the pedal. If the clutch still slips then as above.
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