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Default 1987 240 occasional brief stalling of engine - fuel pumP?

Over past year, my engine occasionally simply stopped while driving - have been able to restart normally with a rolling start, but lately when this happens engine turns over but does not restart until several attempts made. Does not appear electrical as I still have lights, stereo, etc. It can happen when warming up or on long trips. Replaced fuel pump relay yesterday - but happened again today and took several attempts over a minute. Appears to slowly be worsening.

Any advice or insights greatly appreciated!

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Does it have fuel, or does it have spark?

Put a test light on fuse(s) for fuel pump circuit...if light stays on when engine dies, then you got an electrical issue.
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Happened to me with a 740. I would check the fuel relay first. Take it out, pull off the plastic and inspect the solder points, if there are cracks around the solder, then you can resolder it, and you have it.
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Wiggle test the wiring harness maybe.

The hall effect sensor wiring crumbles sometimes and could cause it
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