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Originally Posted by 245gti View Post
No one has been able to explain to me how a shock absorber can effectively dampen a progressive rate spring. I've run them with Bilstein HDs on my 122 and they were horrible. Match a set of shocks to a set of single rate springs and you'll be happy and only do it once...
I was able to come up w/a shock that works very well with Lesjofors progressive rate springs for 122S and 1800s cars. Adjustable Koni "Classics" hydraulic shocks are a modern day version of the old red ones I used to use back in the late 1970s and 80s.

Late last summer I installed full set of the springs with a set of Koni "Classic" hydraulic shock absorbers in my '67 1800s. After covering a couple of thousand miles and adjusting the shocks a couple of times by going back to the original setting I now have a comfortable ride, and excellent handling even when pushed close to limit of traction while cornering. And like most Volvos w/the original front sway bar it does not understeer lean over all that much, and is quite neutral handling with a 205/65/15" wheels and tires. Going to try them next on my 122s that weighs about 100 lb less than the 1800s.
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