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Something isn't right. (Also I'm mostly just talking to myself lol) The HKS should hold itself closed using boost because it's a valve, and then it blows off with vac? I guess having high crank pressure then makes it more reluctant to blow off (this might make sense with some odd driveability issues I've had).

I also know that my oil trap hose (the one that goes into the oil pan) clamped by the oil pump... is snapped about at that clamp.
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Old 11-04-2018, 06:24 AM   #77
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Hi Eivl
Did you manage to sort this out in the end?
I have a similar problem. Car was running fine, I added a cat to the exhaust system (3"), reset LH2.4 & now surges between 1200 & 2000 rpm. All I did was unbolt the O2 sensor for the AFR gauge & a section of exhaust.
Have reset LH2.4 & have been babying car (no boost) but not showing any signs of clearing up.
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How about you just leave the stock cbv in place, or set up an aftermarket cbv venting as designed and accept the fact that BOV's are indeed an air leak.
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