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Default Pulled Quarters (Wagon) - How wide can I go?

Finally got my 8.8 in the car, and I'll be pulling the quarters in the wagon. Going to start by trying the method the guy with the white 240 sedan with those gold rims and huge Hoosiers used. Tower? something...

Anyway, I want to buy a tire to plan this all around. I'm pretty confident I can fit a 235/60-15, and probably a 255/55-15. Any chance of squeezing a 275/50-15 in there?

25.71" tall - I think this part is the real issue.
11.10" wide (on an 8.5" wheel), I've only got an 8" wheel (ET0) and don't really want to buy another one so it'll probably end up a bit narrower than that.

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Well I've got 225's on 8.5" wheels and there is a lot more room to be had. That's with stock quarters.

There was a guy here that fit 275/60R15's under his 240 and another that actually managed 10.50x26 slicks under his.
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I fully believe if Towery yanked the steering wheel hard enough he could do a full barrel roll mid air and land on four wheels. That car is like 75% tire
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dont forget about BNE.
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