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Originally Posted by SenseiRice View Post
Oh my bad, about 550 miles.
Drive it! Like everyday, it'll brake in.
Originally Posted by VB242 View Post
Also 550 miles the engine is still going to be tight, once it's broken in it should spin a little easier.
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In addition to what the others said, the VX cam made my 87 feel pretty gutless around town and I think even at higher rpm it wasn’t much better. If you advance it a few degrees it should help improve torque, but I’d be curious what you thought of the engine if you had the same camshaft in it to compare the rebuild on a more back to back comparison.

While you had the motor apart was definitely the best time to shave the head and install a thinner head gasket. If you’re up to doing it again, it needs to be done if you want more pep!
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