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Question Which engine or donor car?

I'm planning to swap a B230 into my 73 145, and run it with microsquirt. Yoshifab recommends a 1989 or later non turbo engine as the internals were improved geometries and usually the engines were not run hard their whole lives.

I have found a source of engines, with compressions tests performed for a decent price as a starting point.

My question is would it be better to start from scratch with an engine and a microsquirt? Or a donor car, to try and salvage all the rest of the systems to move over to the 145?

And which is easier to build from, the LH 2.2, LH 2.4 or LH 3.1?
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der Junge
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All the goodness in just two links.
- 1987 244 (hand-me-down first car)
- 1990 744 (white with red leather)
- 1992 965 (green with tan leather)
- 1990 744 16v (pegleg drift can)
- 1992 480 (Renault disaster)

- 1989 745 16v
- 1991 744 (SE) Turbo 16v (restauration project)

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Try to recreate and see what happens, our crystall ball servers are currrently down.
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