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Default Amazon passenger side mirror placement

I've got a pair of screw mount OEM mirrors for my amazon. I've already replaced the tiny aftermarket one on the drivers side (mounted at the frontmost point on the door). I've seen people mount them forward near the vent window and farther back so the mirror lines up with the front edge of the roll down window.

Those who have mounted a mirror on the passenger side, where did you place it and how is that working out for you? I am interested in hearing about it before I commit to a spot and drill holes.
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I know you already have the mirror. But in my experience the fender mounted mirrors look the best and do provide a good view.

For the mirror you are asking about. I recall usually seeing them toward the front of the door below the vent window.
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Have some one hold the mirror on the car until you find the best place for it before you mount it,the vent windows can block your view. The farther back the more you have to turn you head to see. On our 240 wagons they are at the front of the side windows same with our Bentley, my MG Midget has convex mirrors, they are mounted on the fenders above the wheel arch, I can see behind me looking straight ahead.
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I expect that the Amazon is like the 140. All the external rear view mirrors on the 140 were dealer installed so there is no 'correct' location. For the driver side with an OEM Volvo mirror, the location that gives you the best rearward visibility is usually the location that precludes opening the vent window more than 1". Do you want a functioning vent or do you want a useful mirror? I expect that the passenger side will suffer the same problem. Since there is no correct location follow the advise of having somebody hold the mirror in position and pick the location that works for you (duct tape will sometimes suffice as a stand in for an assistant).

I have seen fender mounted mirrors on an Amazon and they don't look bad and probably provide the best rearward view. You need to select the mirror shape carefully. I don't think the later rectangular Volvo mirrors would look that good mounted on the fenders (just an opinion). The one thing I do know is that the fender mounted mirrors always seem to be in the way when doing hood up engine maintenance.
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We've installed dozens of passenger side mirrors on all of the old Volvos with vent windows on the front doors and the location has always been a compromise that decision is left to the customer.

So you have to choose whether you want the car to look symmetrical and not have as good a view of the mirror or to be able to see most if not all of the mirror?
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