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Fresh Air Inspector
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Default M46 Output Flange Info?

Hello All,

I recently converted my 940T to a M46 O/D gearbox. All the bits came from a later generation 740 that used the Rotoflex coupling (Guibo to the BMW and Merkur crowd). Although the install is very working well I would like to have the driveshaft balanced.

To do so I need to have a 'flange adapter' machined that will allow the Rotoflex to be bolted to it. This will in turn allow the driveshaft to be inserted into a lathe chuck for balancing.

The flange is partially completed but I need the dimensions of a critical piece; the 'pin' that protrudes from the gearbox flange and engages a hole machined in the end of the driveshaft, typically protected by a rubber sleeve. Without this 'pin' the driveshaft won't 'self-centre' in the gearbox flange seriously affecting balance as well as overloading the Rotoflex coupling.

Hopefully one of you has a flange kicking around and can measure the diameter and length (millimetres or inches), of this 'pin'?

Looking forward to your input.
Thank you and take care,
1971 VW Beetle Cabriolet, 1988 Merkur Scorpio, 1994 Ford Escort, 1994 940 NA Sedan, 1994 940 T Wagon
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