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Originally Posted by Khrrck View Post
If yours are healthy, probably good to keep 'em - the new aftermarkets are failing left and right...

but grab 15A's strut plates from For Sale to reinforce them either way
was thinking about these

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If it's in your budget, all of Kaplhenke's stuff is good. I'd make sure it's what you want/need before buying though. I haven't worked with any of it so I can't tell you whether the cheaper non-adjustable or OEM mounts would get you sufficient adjustment as is.
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Originally Posted by Dirty Rick View Post
Navigating the Siskiyous in a 3 wheeled Volvo will not end well.
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Originally Posted by 91racked View Post
was thinking about these

Just get the budget plates. Super simple. You're not building a race car that needs -3 camber to wear your tires out. The budgets plates are awesome, and they can go pretty stock with added caster, which is a plus. Don't over complicate it.
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Originally Posted by 240240 View Post
Yes, but I keep having the dream of shoving the Cocaine up my ass!
Originally Posted by 240240 View Post
Just remember this guys. Im related to cocaine.
Originally Posted by RedFridge View Post
You sons of bitches are the biggest thread de-railers in forum history.
Any forums history.
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Cheap ass kybs work for me
i'm too sexy for RWD

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