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Default B230f exhaust manifold heat sheid bung removal

Any one ever ground off the internal bumps from the heat sheik bolt locations?

The 2 top ones look like they could be easy; don't know bout the lowers. This would likely be of no interest to those who are in states where you don't have to pass a visual emissions inspection like Kalifornia.

I wonder how much flow could be improved by grinding or drilling out the bolt bosses and replace with stud for heat shield. Still look factory and possibly, if extrude honed show considerable gain in flow while still being Kali compliant. I haven't read any body post actual numbers from extrude honing Redblocks manifolds. Expensive, I know, I've called a local shop. About as much as having headers shipped from Sweden while still being Kali compliant, just to drive the point home.
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You should check out the Engine Masters on YouTube where they see how much bashing the headers affects flow/HP. The answer is not really. I suspect the manifold isn't a bottleneck on a B230F until you've done a lot of other things to the motor.

...and, dude, how can you "emancipate yourself from mental slavery" by tossing around tired social conventions like spelling California with a 'K'?

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