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Originally Posted by thelostartof View Post
As far as I know the throttle shaft has never been apart. And a very sad way for a 531 to die along with and engine. The block looks like it should still be good. I am hoping a quick hone might remove the small mark on the bore otherwise it might be getting bored out for a rebuild far into the future. Now to put together the H beams I have here into my spare na block.
That head should be fine if you just smooth out the sharp edges. Do the same to all 4 chambers and have the head shaved.
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Damn Mike, that's nuts! Or screwy?

Glad I put a little locktight on if I ever pull the plate, but still, wouldn't help with the snapped shaft...
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Ronald Culberbone III
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If you don't mind spending ~$200, that head could be fixed if it's just the chamber that's beat up.
I wouldn't even tough the roof of the chambers, just clean up the quench pads.
A little welding and some die grinder action, and a then get the head surfaced.

I've fixed much worse damage than that.
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Sounds like I will be taking this head to one of the local shops then and seeing what they quote me to fix it.
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I'd send it to culberro...

Local shop are mostly joke.
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Sand down the top of the piston, shave the head and run it. (if it was a stocker )

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Reminds me of when I re-installed a IC pipe and a piece of one of those little clips that hold the hose pipes in place broke off and got sucked into a combustion chamber. Same damage. I had the head welded to fill the damage and surfaced and threw a new piston in that hole.
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