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ghost civic
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Default s40 v40 stutter on hard acceleration

Thought I would share so others may save $$$
My recently bought v40 ran great at first...then started to stutter and have some power loss at higher rpms. You could get it to rev higher as long as you stayed under 1/2 throttle.
Starting, idling, normal driving...was all nice and smooth with no issues.
Twice I got the code for "cylinder 4 misfire"
I checked the spark plug and coil. Neither had any obvious wear...and both were genuine volvo parts. After putting things back together and taking it out for a spin, the stuttering was even more.

Got on the computer and ordered a new coil

Later I was poking around and noticed that the plug on that coil seemed loose. Sure enough, the male connectors inside the plug were pushed back. This meant that only 1/4 to 1/3 of the connector was making contact with the coil's female connectors.
Pushed them back into place, took it for a spin and stuttering was gone!

Got on computer, canceled coil order

Lesson is simple, CAREFULLY check the small stuff first. It is easy to assume a part is bad but a loose connection or a frayed wire can cause the same problems. Tomorrow I will replace the plug, as it will likely loosen up again over time.
Some people get all the breaks, Volvo's got just what it takes.
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Enough already!
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What year V40?
My '01 S40 had done that for years but I did have a bad coil.

I agree about the connectors. Learned that lesson on the MAF on an 850.
Bunch of zip ties to hold it tight and the problem went away.
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Very good story.

'95 850 T-5R - FailSedan
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