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Default 242DL LS3 Project

So, I acquired this beauty from a guy in the UK. Decent car, runs well and I have enjoyed driving it for a few months before starting to notice areas where it needed a few tweaks.

The car started its life in Ontario and was orginally swapped by STS Engineering. It came to the UK completed, but the owner decided to put a slightly modified crate LS3 in it and have the suspension worked on.

It has a few BNE parts on already, and is running an Emerald K6+ ECU. Rear is a ford 8.8 with discs. Front is on S60R discs and callipers, and the suspension is fully Delrin bushed up front. Rear has a mixture of bits on it some BNE, some lightly modified parts. Full set on BC Racing Coilovers and a few smaller mods.

Soooo planned mods include:

Brembo 17z upgrades with floating rotors - Callipers are ready, can't find rotors...
Tilton Full pedal assembly - Purchased
Adjustable front rear bias (braking) - Purchased
LINK ECU swap and map - Thunder G4+
4 x Wheel speed sensors - Cruise control and Traction Control
Hydro hand brake / parking brakes
Full rewire - Underway
New wheels - Rotiform Aerodiscs 18"

Rear end mods are going to be scary, its just too bouncy and when putting power down on our terrible British roads, its a real handful. Im thinking 350z rear from Sikkys with the quick swap diff, but I am trying to work it all out at the moment... we shall see

Oh, and a turbo too, a large one

I also took the original heater out, it wasn't working and, wow, its large!!

This is how the inside looks currently whilst rewiring it all with a new custom loom:

Sorry for the post, needed to share as I need input.

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