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Otto Mattik
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I've used BMW Giubo on Volvo 240 and never had an issue.

I know you've covered a lot

* possible a balance weight on driveshaft section fell off ?
* pretty sure you said torque rod bushings, and trans mount, trailing arm bushings are ok ?
* make sure to always cross reference parts numbers, but those 2 models do share the Giubo(except where Sbabbs pointed out the Giubo for an M5), also the difference hole is something I've noticed from maker but never been an issue.
Originally posted by Jack
You talk about parts cannon but you throw the Obamacare diagnostic tool orgy onto this like it's a cloned embryo of baby Jesus

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Feedback Link: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=323689
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Originally Posted by cleanflametrap View Post

Some of the Italians in my family think the spelling matters if you're searching the webs.
I appreciate the hell outta this clarification. I wonder how many people I said "guibo" to over the years that knew I was saying it incorrectly and thought "This guy's a dummy".
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