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Originally Posted by 2manyturbos View Post
There is no reason to replace a receiver drier if the system has not been opened up and exposed to air. ALL automotive AC systems leak refrigerant. The fact his system was low is to be expected.
But if it leaked enough to be that low, donít you think the refrigerant couldíve been displaced by atmospheric pressure?

Just sayin, I had a Toyota pick up that was 'low' on refrigerant. I topped it off and man it was cold for about a week! Then boom, the dessicant exploded in the R/D, sending little BB's through every orifice. At $15, itís just cheap insurance to replace. Unless you like replacing compressors, condensers, TXV's, etc.
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If it held refrigerant when he added it, the system is sealed well enough no air is going to get in it. Air isn't the problem in the first place, it's water. That's why you have a desiccant dryer. Water in the system will turn to ice blocking the system.
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