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Default Private Sale Vehicle Shipping

I'm looking to buy a vehicle that's a significant distance from my self, and I know there are a few guys on here who have gone through this process before. This will be my first time. Can someone give me their personal recommendations or experiences on how to deal with the process? I have a vehicle delivery agency lined up. How did you deal with the private sale long distance - bill of sale, registration sign over, etc? What kinds of things should I prepare my self for with this kind of long distance purchase?

I am in Canada, if that influences anything.
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Is the car in Canada? or Japan? Knowing where the car is coming from will help
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I did My own detective work by matching up the sellers name , address , phone etc. with the info on a photo of the title that the seller provided , plus google street view showed Volvo in the driveway .
After phone conversations, I just put trust that the Person seemed honest , and I sent a check.
Maybe I was lucky .
With all that said it would be safer to find Someone that You trust local to car to do the transaction
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I had the seller fill out a bill of sale & scan their driver's licence and fax it to office depot where I picked it up.
Then I sent the money via walmart's moneygram. I had my vehicle shipping service get in contact with the seller, and I gave the seller instructions on where to leave the vehicle so it'd be easy for the shipper to pick up. Used google street view to help with this.
It all worked out but was a little sketchy in retrospect.
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The car is in Ontario and I am in Saskatchewan. About 1000 miles apart. It sounds like everyone else's experience is just as sketchy as mine will be. After thinking it over for a day, I think I am better off to look for something within driving distance and located inside my province (registering a vehicle from out of province requires a mechanical inspection; vehicles fail for worn suspension bushings, rotors out of spec, etc. so it is a real gamble that the vehicle would be able to pass without significant time first spent on it, which I don't have at this point).

Thanks for all of your replies.
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Where in Ontario? Is the seller open to independent inspections/willing to take it in for a look? I gave up on a car out west because the seller refused to have it looked out by a neutral party, seemed suspect.
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