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Default project lowballer

So i bought a 93 940 n/a for a winter beater recently. I bought it knowing it had sat for 5 years and didnt run. The interior also had some small residents that needed to be evicted. It also needs a complete interior overhaul. It has 300k on the body and supposedly 150k on the motor I bought it for $350 which was fair considering the details but also makes it hard to justify spending allot on it , hence project lowballer.

The owner allowed me to tinker with it in driveway which was awesome. I found out the starter was bad so a used unit went in. It also got a fresh battery. The car sprung to life surprisingly easy wuth a bit of a miss. First stop was the car wash to clean some of the junk off. After getting it home i ripped the carpet out. It smelled bad and needed to go in prep for an interior overhaul.

It needs lots of random things like throttle body, tailgate handle, exterior trim, suspension overhaul, interior overhaul, drivers door handle and window track, brakes, and the list goes on. Still, a nice beater for the winter, and secondary carvto go to detroit in. Anyway, heres some pics.

Where it sat in its slumber for 5yrs

The engine bay was full of crap.

After a quick cleanup

And shes home ready for some wrenching

This car is pretty much exactly what i needed. Cheap but fixable, 940, wagon, n/a, hitch. Also came with a dog gate, cargo mat, volvo cd changer and locking rear axle as options. Needs some love but should work out nicely i think
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So I kind of forgot about this thread and have been busy. I ended up lifting my wagon 3 in and putting on BF Goodrich mud terrains. Ended up redoing the brakes with all new rotors and pads along with rear calipers. Put in all new shocks hande upper strut mounts. as well, i replaced the hard lines for the power steering rack which were completely rotted through, replace the torque rods which the bolts broke off in the end of when trying to replace the bushings as well as all of the front suspension bushings. I made longer tie rod ends to work with the lifted suspension and it rides and handles pretty damn good. I also wired up a full audio system including two 12in RE Audio Subs focal mids in all doors and an ARC Audio and kicker amp with an extra battery in the cubby in the cargo area. I have replaced most of the Interior as when I bought it there were mice living in the third row seat area and the interior stunk to high heaven. Replace the entire cargo area and full rear seat along with the carpet and ripped the headliner out. After installing the stereo I rattled the roof bracing loose from the skin and ended up having to use wooden shims to keep the roof from rattling horribly and filled in between the braces and skin with expanding foam. After that I covered the entire roof with heavy duty audio deadener. I also sound deadened the entire tailgate which is basically rattle free now. That also reminds me that the entire rear tailgate wiper was seized up so I replace the motor and the whole assembly. I have also replaced a few door handles because they were acting up. I found a brush guard at the junkyard that fit pretty damn good so I mounted it up temporarily, although it's currently off the car, and I also found a old school ambulance siren that I wired up. It's a pretty badass ride in my opinion. I'm considering selling it though because I might be moving across the state. Anyways enough with the run-on sentence. Here's a few pictures I'll try to get a few of the interior. She's quite a bit different than when I bought her and project low baller is no longer cheap LOL

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