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What's slower than a stock 1984 244 GL?

A 1984 244 GL with the bad injector mod!

Driving to work this morning, the swede steed all of a sudden started missing horribly with a significant notice in the blinding performance it had before. Went from the distributor to the head to check for spark on all cylinders and found that there was no change when cyl 1 wire was disconnected. Confirmed spark was good and took a peak at cylinder through the spark plug hole to see if there was any coolant (I have suspected a slight HG leak for a while from diagnosing other issues). Spark was good, cylinder looked good, but when I unplugged the injector, no change. Since this was on my way to work, I did not have a test light or anything to see if the injector is getting power. It may be, but the harness is a bit crusty, so it can't hurt to check.

I know that some of the Ford browntops are known to leak, but I haven't read of any issues with other injectors. Are the stock 240 injectors known to fail or get clogged easily?
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The pins in the socket get pushed out of the connector on the wire side pretty easily, roll the rubber boot up and check.
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Listen for injector pulse with a mechanics stethoscope.
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Or a screwdriver stuck to the injector
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I found the culprit! I listened to the #1 and #2 injectors and both sounded similar, but, since I had already confirmed that spark was "good" I decided to swap the 1 and 2 injector. Wouldn't you know it, the miss was still on cylinder 1, so I figured I might as well start diagnosing again from the beginning. Previously I removed each plug wire from the distributor to see what changed and #1 was the only one that made no difference. I then took the plug out of #1, connected it to the plug wire and cranked it over to watch for spark. There was spark, but apparently not enough. On the second diagnosis, I just decided to swap the 1 and 2 plug wire and lo and behold, the miss moved to #2. How can that possibly be?! I literally have less than 50 miles on a new set of wires from Autozone. After all of 5 seconds searching here, I find that I am now in a special club of those burned by brand new AZ plug wires.

Thankfully, I hadn't thrown away the old set yet and robbed one to use until I can get a new set. This is really surprising though, I have purchased AZ wires for years for other DD cars and this is the first time I have had one fail so miserably. Not that they have ever been the greatest quality in the past, but never this terrible. Live and learn...
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