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Default Reviving a PV544, have questions. B19, twin solex, ect.

I recently rescued a stray PV544 and I've been trying to learn a few things before I start trying to bring it back to life. A couple points I've been unable to clear up with searching I could use some help with.

1) I was told the car was a '63, what little I've been able to dig up seems to jive with that. Is there a way to know? The car is paperwork challenged. Mostly I need to know if the car is 12 volt.

2) The car has a B18 grille badge and it seems like that's what I would find under the hood. The motor looks like a standard OHV volvo 4 banger. It is painted blue which struck me as odd, and on the drivers side has B19 cast in. I googled B19 and it seems like it's a thing although I found nothing useful and B19 falls below the character limit to search here so I'm at a loss.

3) The motor has twin Solex downdrafts. Searching led to finding Volvo using twin Solex sidedrafts on some high zoot setups back in the day but nothing on the downdrafts. A bit more searching tells me that they are likely off a Volvo boat motor where they appear to be common. Oddly the intake is painted red so... who knows. The oilpan is full of gas so I need to do a bit of carb work before I try to fire it up. Rebuild kits for the Solex's would cover a good chunk of a used set of SUs. My big question is how well would twin Solexs perform on the street? If they can be tuned to run well I'll rebuild them. I can't think why a carb for a boat would suck on the street but then again I can't be positive they are boat carbs, just my best guess.

Thanks for the help.
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looks like a B18, B19 was an overhead Cam engine. Yes, probably a Penta/Marine engine.

Are there any taillight bulbs left you could check for 12v or 6v printed on them?
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Old 08-25-2018, 10:11 AM   #3
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Good call thank you.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that entire intake setup is Volvo Penta. The only time Volvo used solexes for cars was R-sport carburetors.
I would get it running on the solexes (but not rebuild them, just a spit shine and clean out) and then invest in a set of SU's once you know that the engine has compression on all 4 cylinders.

Pull off that valve cover (if you haven't yet) and soak down the rocker arms, rocker shaft, down in the holes for the pushrods/followers, and even inside the valve springs with ATF or something with some detergent/creeping ability.

I can't tell you how many times we have customers bring in "barn finds" that run like dog crap only to find they bent pushrods after a 20 year cold start.
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Here's a breakdown of the production year/chassis numbers: http://mysite.mweb.co.za/residents/a...hassisinfo.htm

AFAIK all the B18 cars were 12V, they modified several things at once - 6V - 12V, B16 - B18.

No idea how the boat carbs would work, but I do know the SU's work very well. I
'63 PV Rat Rod
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Old 08-25-2018, 02:45 PM   #6
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Location: Alvin Tx

Thanks very much y'all for the info. I'm a silly dummy head and the block is in fact marked b18. Derp. Looked like B19 while fending off randy pitbulls in the barrio. The blue paint on the motor extends over to inside the distributor. Looks like the hood support was cut to clear the carb set up. I have a sneaking suspicion that someone has already spun the motor fairly recently. No clue how long the car sat, no inspection tag or any kind of clue. The oil pan is quite full of gas like it was cranked with a stuck float or two. I have it in the back forty now, I hope to drag it into the shop in a couple weeks once I find a set of rollers and triage the old girl. I'll soak it in marvel mystery before I spin it.

It's got a ton of bondo but with the exception of the back panel beneath the trunk and the dash the car looks largely solid and worth saving. Mostly complete with the sad exception of the bumpers. Looking forward to playing with it
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