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Default Blowby options

Hi , I'm getting blowby running around 16 psi boost , it's not pishing oil out but there is still some coming from the breather , it will only spit out the oil In the likes of 3rd and 4th above 4500 rpms , I'm running a catch tank venting to atmosphere at the minute but ideally would like it venting to the intake but not when it's bringing the oil up .
Is cutting the drain tube from the seperator an option , if so do I need to take the sump off or csn I just rip that little **** out from the top ?
I know ultimately it will need rings and a hone at best but it's not that bad yet
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My drain tube is snapped off a bit (did this when installing my turbo oil pan) and things have been "fine" so far. Running a similar amount of boost. I do not run a catch can, I use the stock turbo y fitting and run the other end of the hose to the intake pre turbo (post AMM iirc).

This all said, if you're getting oil coming out of your breather... I would wager that the baffling in your can may be crappy? It's not abnormal to see some fouling, but oil shouldn't be coming out. That generally means the filter is too "open".
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