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Question b230ft into a 92 240

Hey all, first post on the forum. I am planning on rebuilding and swapping a b230ft from a late 80's 740 turbo into my 92 240 (I know there are better redblocks to swap out there but its what I could find and it was cheap). It will be my first swap so I don't really know every single detail about what needs to be done.

My first question is about the ecu and ezk, I know that my current engine has lh 2.4 and that the one I plan on swapping used lh 2.2 so what exactly will need to be changed in order to make it work? Will the harness from my old engine work or will I need to modify it? I know that I will need a new ecu and ezk that fit the new turbo engine but will i need to get them from an automatic car?

I know that the new engine was pulled was from an auto and my car is also an auto, I believe that they both have the aw71 but i could be mistaken(I bought the engine already pulled so I don't know the specifics of what it came out of). will the torque converter just plug right in to my transmission? Should I use the torque converter from the old or new engine?

If i think of any more questions I will post them here. Thanks!
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