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Old 04-06-2021, 12:30 PM   #51
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C00l project.
Ambitious but rubbish.

The 245 GT

The Euromurican
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Old 04-10-2021, 11:59 PM   #52
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Om606 is in. Need to finish the mounts. Holy **** this thing is massive once you get it in the engine bay. Had to convert back to a front sump and hack the rad support out of the car. It was a bit of a cluster **** today
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Originally Posted by bricktop420 View Post
Thank you very much everybody... i now feel sufficiently retarded and will go cry in the corner...
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so ripped the old b23 out and aw71. the removal went very well as it does most of the time. i cleaned the engine bay before hand. Also this thing always was a bit of a turd. it was probably the second slowest n/a volvo ive ever owned. i figured out why when the engine was removed...

Catalyst was completely melted

Any way like i said in the above post. the rear sump was way to long. no matter how many times you measure and prepare it always seems like its going to put up a fight! ive done enough swaps to know that its never as easy as just dropping a engine in. either way its in at this point. had to convert it back to a front sump pan and hack about 2.5 inches out of the sump to get it to where it wants to sit and also not hit the oil pump. doing some research i found that the 603 pump is actually shorter so if you plan to do this swap, id suggest getting the 603 oil pump and you can gain another inch of clearance. Also. the zf rack is bigger in some spots so the can\trw rack would probably be better. i like the zfs because they seem to hold up a bit better but this will work for me. the rad support pretty much has to go bye bye if you want a good cooling fan on it. funny enough the 606 with the auto trans measured out 1 inch shorter then the b23 (measuring from the output shaft to the front of the cooling fan.) however because of where the engine wants to sit that really doesnt matter. there is plenty of room for the a/c. the stock benz ps lines bolt to the rack. the stock alternator is energized the same way as the volvo alternator, and bonus is you use the m47 240 drive shaft its the exact length you want for modification. the stock shifter linkage bolts right on. there are some other things im missing but will update my findings when i remember them.

gotta love the old boomers tig welding in crocs

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James M
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Less of that core support came out then I expected. Motor looks good sitting in there, off to grab an Om603 oil pump before I get to cutting the pan

Unless I missed something I don't remember mention of why your running an NA intake manifold?
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