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Old 04-22-2017, 08:58 PM   #1
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Default Harness bar OR roll bar and why?

OK so I can't make up my damn mind on whether or not I wanna put the effort into a roll bar or make my life easier and just do a harness bar. Car is 945 turbo 5.3 LS and I decided to put some procar racing bucket seats in. Original plan was to do a full cage but racing 1/8 mile every now and then I think it would be over kill since it will mostly be a street car. So now I'm considering just doing a harness bar. I've heard lots of mixed opinion on the safety aspect of a harness bar and honestly I think it would be fine, I mean it's a volvo wagon for God's sake, and it would be custom and built correctly.

Kind of regret doing the bucket seats but they look focking awesome so why not? Either way I need to move forward and have to make a decision..

So basically, I'm just asking what would you rather have and why?
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Old 04-22-2017, 11:34 PM   #2
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Roll bar- security, rigidity, option to cage later.
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Old 04-23-2017, 12:06 AM   #3
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Just not a good idea to run a harness without a roll bar. If you're not racing, probably won't ever matter though.
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Old 04-24-2017, 09:38 AM   #4
Dan Stokes
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It really depends on what your purposes for the car will become. A harness bar really does nothing for the car's safety and I don't think any of the sanctioning bodies allow them. A 6 point bar allows you to run in many sanctions and at least sets you up to run in many more.

LSR (my area of expertiese) allows removable side bars while (as I understand it) NHRA does not. For a street-driven car this is sort of a big deal. However, our local NHRA track does zero tech inspection so it's really pretty much up to you unless you'll run national level meets. (I couldn't believe I showed up at our NHRA track in Mutt the Race Truck and no official even poked their head inside, especially given that they had never seen this truck before.)

Watch where you put the shoulder bar (I think what you're calling a harness bar). It needs to be just below the driver's shoulders - too low and it'll crush your shoulders in a crash, too high and you can sort of slide under it such that it doesn't restrain you very well.

I'd get both the NHRA and a LSR (ECTA, SCTA) rule book. They show specifics on how to build a bar/cage and those rules are NOT arbitrary. They have seen a lot of accidents over the years and have figured out how to keep you safe as well as what doesn't work. Of course we all hope you'll never need to find out if what you built works but it does happen from time to time so you might as well do it "by the book".

Good luck!

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The real issue with a setup like this is...

If you get fixed back seats, and you have no caged type protection, you're worse off in a roll-over.

If you put in a harness bar (which is a thing invented for people who want back seats in a race car) then your reclining seats have no way to collapse should there be a roll over (and yes... I'm aware how ridiculous it is).

IMO, a roll bar is a real thing. A harness bar is sort of a joke thing.
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