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Default Brakes lights out!

Just bought a 1989 240! Rear brake lights don't work, and I'm confused about "rear fog lamps", I hit the switch and it seems like the left brake light comes on. The bulbs are fine and the fuse is fine as far as I can tell. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Clean up all the grounds. They tend to get corroded and cause weird electrical things. The brake light switch would be worth testing as well.
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That’s what a rear fog lamp does
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Bulb failure sensor could be bad
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Originally Posted by nitroboie View Post
Bulb failure sensor could be bad
This was the issue on my 92 745. Inspection of brake area switch found all AOK.

Rear fogs = single lamp on sedans; you can convert a wagon to get dual rear fogS, when going aftermarket Estonia tails.
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