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Default '94 regina 940 no start, again

WTF car.

So I was running into some fuel issues with this car earlier this year. A new fuel pump later and she's up and running.

Recently she died and upon inspection, the crank position sensor was really loose in its mount and the bolt hole had stripped causing the car to no start/ die. Everytime this would happen i would jiggle the sensor and it would start right up.

Fixed the thread, tightened the bolt down, and the sensor had a little play in the hole, is this normal?

! used a layer of electrical tape to fill the tolerance for a solid fit, making sure there was no overlap of the tape on or below close to the sensor. Now the car wont start though there is strong spark coming from the coil. It wont even start from starter fluid in the intake.

Running through the steps here:

-adequate fuel pressure to the rail
-injectors clicking while cranking. Radio suppression relay seems to be turning on like normal.
-Plug wires are in correct firing order

im stumped, any help here?
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It’s still the CPS.
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$50 new at the dealer start there
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