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i bought a holset H2E on ebay from ohio truck parts turbo cost me 230 shipped and 80 to rebuild it, not a popular model i guess, the rebuild was from D.W. Deisel, i've had it on my S10 for 3 years with no issues, runs good spools good, makes 467hp at the wheels at 8psi, not any issues except the one time i didn't check the oil pressure to the bearings and pushed some oil by. I would strongly recomend them, if you had a stock engine then chinese would be ok, but if you have money in it there isn't any sense in skimping out on the turbo and wrecking something down the line, it could happen, the turbo i have on my volvo is a .63 hotside garret off a volvo with h trim Turbonetics compressor that i bought from one of the guys on here, it works the balls, doesn't spool till around 2800 which is fine with me, no point in stressing an engine that spins to 7k with no issues, spend the money on a holset hx35 with 9cm or 12cm housing, rebuild it for 40 bucks and call it a day, DONT BUY EBAY REBUILDS! did that on my 13c and it lasted all of 2 weeks and about 500 miles then it was back to pushing oil out the exhaust, bad! 2 quarts in less than 300 miles, should have known when it read "No cheap china part in kit"
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When you pay more for something brand name vs. china even if its an exact copy, you are paying for quality control, which metals in china don't have so much of. Yes you can buy crap here, yes you can buy copies of good stuff that is made in china, but when it comes down to it your better off statistically with a known good brand, example, garrett, precision etc etc, than a chinese knock off of exactly the same part, strictly due to QC. There is little to no grading fo metals in chine, unlike what weve got here. Even stuff thats built in mexico I'd trust any day over a chinese knock off. Because the mexico built stuff still adhears to a better standard because of the american companies having their products built there. Every crate motor from GM comes outa Mexico. Ever hear of all that many failing pre-maturly? under normal use? Lots of VW's were built there, and they are just as crappy as the German built ones.....

Either way what ill end up doing first is trying to source some used parts. A decent used turbine housing and compressor housing/wheel. What I cant find used ill buy new, or if it ends up being i cant find anything used, ill buy something complete new, and it will be garrett, precision, turbonetics, etc etc. The only thing I may use chinese is a 3" v-band plate for the ass end of the turbo.

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Originally Posted by sdturbo View Post
We are testing some new ones this week.
I'm curious to see how PJ's works out.

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