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Default aftermarket 240 lower control arms

A friend has a 93 240 & the front lower control arms are rusting out. Any feedback out there on the aftermarket control arms on the market? Are they a good choice, or is it better to find a pair of OE rust free ones?
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I thought the one I bought from FCP a few years ago was of fine quality. Enough that next time I'm doing control arm bushings I'll might just order 2 new arms...

Tasca has OEM for $140 each, FYI. Meyles are $75 from FCP.
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I've had no issues with the aftermarket ones either. Just use quality bushings or poly bushings.
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I’ve used the cheap FCP ones on multiple vehicles without any issues. The bushings seem to be holding up just fine. Can’t speak to the quality of the coatings, as I don’t live in the rust belt.
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I've got a set of the FCP's not yet installed in the 242. Intentions to stitch weld on the Yoshifab plate kit for stiffness. From appearances they seem fine.
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