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grumpy dad
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Default Penta AQ 251 coil

I am in England

I have just got 2 AQ251 engines but they have no ignition coil
its a bendix unit its a coil not a emu
I think some jeep Wranglers had a very similar unit
can any one help with more information

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The penta redblock 16v motor use rex ignition with a 44 hole flywheel crank sensor. The coil is the ignition box also built into one unit. Gets signal from crank sensor and sends spark to distributor. Simple easy system. Some volvo cars have rex/regina also but different coil bendix unit, looks the same. If you want to use it you'll need the Rex flexplate or flywheel and the crank sensor and the boat 171 or 251 ignition box coil thing. No way any jeep one is the same. The volvo car one is different even. Different plugs for crank sensor and different ignition map or timing. They all look real similar. For one thing the volvo car one is 8v head and the boat is 16v.. Volvo car 16v motor uses LH 2.4 bosch ignition and fuel. If you want to put these motors in your boat you'll need the boat parts.



What do you need to know? What are you doing with the motors?
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