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Default A spark plug wire really??

My Volvo 740, 92 about 2 months ago started to sputter on acceleration and idle. I replaced the 02 sensor,coolant sensor,air temp sensor,Map pressure sensor,intank fuel pump,check for vacuum leaks. Today, I finally went back to the basics .

I checked each spark plug wire by pulling each one of them off and by checking the inside of each boot.BINGO ! The first wire was totally corroded and barely making contact with the spark plug. I resisted the idea of checking the wires in the beginning because the wires are kingsborne and they are 3 years old.

Lesson learn for me is to always go back to the basics and learn to troubleshoot instead of throwing money at parts that's not needed. The only good thing was I do most of the repairs on my bricks.
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Good find on that plug wire! That is a lot of parts but it will help the car run even better.
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