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Overdue for an update. been plugging away. Also started a business so that's kept me busy.
Registration on the 940 ends in June, so the goal is to have it running sometime this summer.

Progress so far.

Got a 240mm clutch from southbend with T5 center

They were able to make the clutch the same thickness as stock, so no engagement height issues like I had with the 940.
My brother wants to swap his s70 from dual to single mass flywheel when do the clutch, so you can see the TTV flywheel under the clutch. Considering getting one for mine, but there is so much material taken off I wonder if it will make the already noisy T5 transmission unbearable. Still searching for a used single mass in the meantime.

Found some 5" outer diameter moog coils (Moog 8088) that were new in box for $10 locally. We'll run them and see. I think they're 260lb/in which should play well with the motion ratio or the rear arm which looks to be about .73. They're 15" long so will need cut though.

Wife's S40 had shifting issues so I got sidetracked replacing some linear solenoids.

Played with ride height and some 18's I have while I had the springs out. I think around here would be nice.

Plumbed the Idler motor and got the intake installed.

Pretty adapter plate

Picked up an ebay intercooler. had to do some trimming where the elbows are, and welded in some angle iron beside it to not lose structural integrity.

At this point I just need to get a flywheel and then I'm on the home stretch.
I found a input retainer from a s197 mustang with the 4.0 V6 and T5 transmission. Allows you to run a hydraulic slave, so I'm going to see if I can adapt that. They offer a short version of the slave (SB60317) which I will likely use.

Then it's just taking the 940 off the road to swap the driveline, and then a million little things. Progress though!
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