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Default 240 m90 gearbox woes

Hi all, almost completed a 230ft and m90 conversion, purchased a clutch kit from classic swede 300bhp one.

We have two issues that are stopping us,

1 - the clutch does not fully disengage (spoke with classic swede and he told me the pivot ball needed moving 5mm so hopefully we are all good )

2 - we are only getting first and second gear if I remember we did shorten the aluminium arms that hold the gearstick but I can't imagine that would cause that issue, has anyone experienced this on their conversion?

Thanks in advance

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1 - Hopefully moving the pivot fixes it. But when I was choosing a pressure plate and clutch disc for an M90 and dog dish (LH2.4) flywheel I ended up with a disc that was 1mm thicker than what it should have been. Therefore I had to space out the pressure plate 1mm to make it work nicely. Could it be that you are seeing something similar? When you bolt down the pressure plate, do the inner fingers look good? Or do they point too far in toward the motor?

2 - Sounds weird. Have you messed with the internals of the shift rods/forks?
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Ginger Ninja
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I'm not familiar with the M90 but I had a similar problem with a Toyota W55 gearbox swap in my 245. First problem was the pivot ball was impossible to adjust with the gearbox bolted to the engine. Removed the box again to find the second problem, which was the pivot ball was maxed out and the pedal was still in the carpet and only just disengaging the clutch. Someone suggested heating up the clutch fork and bending it towards the clutch slave cylinder but I ended up making a threaded rod to extend and adjust the slave from under the car. This has been working for over 5 years now.
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Old 06-30-2019, 06:29 AM   #4
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Thanks for your replies, it's all sorted now garage has fixed it think they swapped the thrust bearing amd moved the pivot.
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