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Default Vacuum brake bleeder - no seal

My first attempt at bleeding brakes resulted in a big fat fail, because I just couldn’t get a seal on the bleed nipple. Pump vacuum into the bleeder bottle, turn the bleed nipple, and instantly a leak is introduced & as much air is sucked into the tube as brake-fluid - making a lovely foam.
Tried a tight cable-tie to try & seal it, no luck.

Can you get some sort of nozzle-thingies that are specifically made to fit over the 240 calliper bleed nipples snugly, which fit onto a generic PVC tube?
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Somehow a few experienced people swear by vacuum bleeding and Mity Vac for doing this. I don't get why. The problem you experienced is simply air bypassing the threads on the bleeder nipple, which I'd expect anyone to encounter, because once you open the bleeder, the threads are loose, right?

I prefer pressure bleeding if anything beyond gravity is needed. Even then Bernoulli allows air to mix in to fool me by adding bubbles to a stream in the clear bleeder hose if I don't plug the leaky threads with a bit of heavy grease.

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