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Default 400bhp engine build advice

Ok so I currently have a 1987 740 b200e, a 1992 940 wentworth turbo b200ft lpt, and a 1985 240 with a b230k engine

I plan to use the 240 body and put the b200ft engine in upgrade the turbo, 3 inch exhaust t5 injectors and an ecu chip, with this setup I don’t plan to make mega boho but if it livens the car up a bit and makes it fun to drive

Whilst I’m driving the car I plan on building a b230, bigger turbo, upgraded cam shaft, injectors etc with the hope of seeing around 400bhp. My question is will the block from the b230k be strong enough, I’m not sure what the compression ratio of this engine is or what conrods and pistons it has but they will probably be upgraded if their not up to scratch
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helpful info
How long does it need to live? (how many KM, or miles?)
Whats your budget?
The longer it needs to live, the more it costs.
To do it right (last more than 50 miles), here's a few needed items:
Bigger Intercooler
Aftermarket fuel management
Motor mounts
Bigger exhaust
Bigger fuel pump
Bigger fuel lines
Better transmission
and lots of little stuff
gets spendy quick
Much cheaper to shoot for 300 or so and still have lots of fun
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Buy an LS2. It will be way easier for you based on the questions you asked.

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8v are still cool, right?
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The block is absolutely strong enough. 400 bhp really isn't that much.
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I want it to be fairly reliable it won’t be a daily driver maybe out once a month, I haven’t got a set budget yet I’m not looking to do it on the cheap, I’m a mechanic I full workshop etc so I’ll be doing as much as possible myself
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Hank Scorpio
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How much budget?

Rods, stock pistons, good modern turbo (one of the new garret G series, or gt/gtx 2871-3071 range, or similar), good intercooler, cam, exhaust and tuning will do 400bhp. Intake and header will also help.

Will also need a trans to hold it. 400bhp (say, 350whp) is achievable with an 8v redblock. It’s the same as any other motor, more air in and more air out will make more power.
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I'd rather have a V8.
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Cheap, fun setup:

NA exhaust manifold with twin scroll up pipe (cheap and flows well)
HX35 or bigger.
China rods, stock pistons
V16 cam or something similar
875cc deka's if running pump gas
Cheap MS clone

This will get fairly close to 400 crank when pushing 2 bar of boost.
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