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Default P2R transmission flush? (paging GTJordan)

Hi all,
I'm preparing my 2004 V70R to go back to school with me and I am contemplating a transmission flush. The car has 204k on it, and I'm about 75% certain it has never had a trans flush in its life. I would like to at least check the level as I suspect it may be a hair low, but would like to hear from some people about the danger of doing a full flush on the car.

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Is it an auto? I've only flushed the 6 speed auto. Iirc it's similar to flushing it on other Volvo's except for there being no dipstick. There's a bolt under the airbox that can be used to add fluid on 6 speed models. For that transmission you need a vida/dice setup to watch the fluid temperature for an accurate check of the fluid level.
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Go to Valvoline, pay the $150 for a MaxLife fluid transfer. Call it a day. This is the 5 speed so you're good.

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