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Ronald Culberbone III
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Originally Posted by pat244ti View Post
Thats exactly what I used one of those for on my stock car since we were extremely limited on our tire selection! Were you talking about removing the tar paper with one?
Heck yeah. They make a chisel blade, or you can make your own out of a really dull saw blade (and they come in different widths too!). It just scrapes right on through the tar paper. It only works well on flat or mostly flat surfaces.

For weld prep in tight areas, I've found that a flat wire wheel in the drill is about the greatest thing since sliced break. The lower speeds of the drill keep it from melting the undercoating and it will actually rip it off the metal.
Garth and Kyle at Trackside swear by this: https://store.snapon.com/Remove-All-...l-P644425.aspx
At $550, I'm never going to buy one. They do amazing shell prep on all of their rally cars, and they don't use dry ice or liquid nitrogen.
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