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Default ohm/resistance on 87 740 fuel gauge anyone know?

Does anyone know what the ohm range on a 740 sending unit is?

I found some info https://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=283898 but there are two ranges and they are the opposite of one another. I want to buy a set of aftermarket gauges and the company I'm going to use will do a custom range if you tell them in advance. My sending unit looks terrible and I don't have another one yet so I figured it wouldnt be worth it to pull it again and run the range as it might not even be right.
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Later models are backwards. I'm thinking earlier is 0-280 ohms. A VDO 5 Bar oil pressure gauge is a close match to the fuel sender range.
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From TP-305181 '91 700/900 Specifications:

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