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Default b21ft crankshaft removal

Im tearing down my b1ft and am having trouble removing the crank shaft. All the main bearings and rod bearings have been removed, but the crank still wont pop out. What stupid thing am i missing?
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There shouldn't be any trick to it. Remove the stuff on the ends (seal retainer plates), remove the oil pump, the rod caps and main caps. Rotate just a bit to free up the top half of the rods. If you're OCD, put some scrap rubber tubing on the rod bolts to prevent them from scratching the cylinders.

The thrust bearing may still have a tight fit if it's an automatic. This means that you need to lift straight up or else it will bind. You could lift the other end of the crank just a tiny bit to free up the oil suction on the main bearings, then set it back down to level before lifting the whole crank out. It weighs ~45 pounds, so it takes some muscle.

The engine reconditioning greenbooks are still available here:
'85 245glt aw71 k-jet -> lh2.4
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Until vlvman gets the website back up, use the Internet Archive (aka Wayback Machine) to view the files.

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